A Contested Divorce Is Not Your Only Option – Consider Collaborative Divorce

Contested Divorce used to be the standard practice for dissolution of marriage. Not anymore! With collaborative divorce, we can take an interest-based approach and develop creative, thoughtful and enduring solutions to the needs of your specific divorce.

A contested divorce through litigation is the traditional divorce process most people are familiar with. It involves bargaining from specific and often conflicting positions, backed by threats, litigation and the intervention of an impersonal court of law. The parties communicate exclusively through their attorneys, never directly to each other.

It is possible a contested divorce through litigation is the best and only choice for you, depending on your circumstances. Some such circumstances include, one spouse doesn’t agree to collaboration, abuse is present within the marriage, or distrust doesn’t allow for full and fair disclosure of information.

Transforming the Divorce Process

We want to help divorce in the greater Kansas City area evolve from that old-fashioned process that is so frequently destructive into a creative process. We do this by showing clients how to get a divorce using the collaborative divorce model. The collaborative divorce dispute-resolution process is based on a pledge in which you, your spouse, and your attorneys contractually agree that the attorneys will not go to court, except to finalize the divorce.

A Collaborative Team Working for You

At Collaborative Practice Kansas City, we can determine what divorce option best suits your specific situation. Our team of independent legal, mental health and financial professionals work together to create a client-centered process for resolving divorce conflict.

Work with a practice that values integrity and honesty in human relationship and connection. We offer affordable, respectful, private and transparent problem solving solutions and work to create reasonable outcomes that are mutually beneficial to both parties.

Collaborative Practice Kansas City

Members of the Collaborative Practice Kansas City group meet the standards for practice excellence as set by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) and meet regularly to assure continued commitment to and practice of these standards.

 To find out if collaborative divorce is right for your family, or would like help determining next steps in your contested divorce, contact Collaborative Practice Kansas City at 913-380-2560 or click here.