Collaborative Law is a form of law practice conducted by attorneys trained in principles of collaboration. Working with clients through a collaborative participation agreement, the attorneys of collaborative law make a commitment, with their clients, to problem-solve and negotiate in good faith, toward a mutually agreeable solution, with the understanding that if any contested court proceeding is undertaken, the participating collaborative attorneys would withdraw from representing their clients and the family matter.

The team of professionals working within Collaborative Practice Kansas City are experienced professionals who have the knowledge, practice, skills, and training to work with you in whichever divorce process option is appropriate for you.

With additional training in Collaborative Law, Collaborative Practice, and Collaborative Divorce, its methodologies, and application techniques, our professionals are Educators, Counselors, Advisors, and, most importantly, your committed teammates through the divorce process.

Our Attorneys represent client goals and interests to the team, work with the team to complete the divorce with integrity and mutual satisfaction, completing legal drafts and documents while providing legal counsel and guidance to their clients for many of the questions arising related to decisions made throughout the divorce process.

Our Financial Professionals, also known as Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA) or Financial Neutrals, work with clients to gather financial information related to assets, liabilities, and budget data (income & expense details). Working with professionals provides financial understanding and financial awareness of the decisions each of you is asked to make throughout the process.

Our Mental Health Professionals, also known as Coaches, assist couples and families in transition with a focus on communication, problem-solving skills, and the development of a parenting plan, if applicable. The Coach works with the parties to identify & make the most of their strengths, assisting each party to be his/her best during the divorce process while taking steps toward their new lives apart.