The Collaborative Process

Collaborative Process represents the outline of steps used in an alternate approach to divorce for couples looking to end their marriage by negotiating a mutually acceptable settlement without having courts decide the outcome. The collaborative process involves a team of professionals, following the outline, working synergistically to achieve improved outcomes. Collaborative process is the means through which collaborative practice provides couples with a holistic approach to managing divorce.

As an alternate path to the often used and seemingly traditional process of divorce litigation, collaborative practice professionals are specially trained to work with you through the collaborative process. Throughout the collaborative process, each spouse gains individual legal guidance and advice from their legal counsel and that of neutral professionals who support the team effort in developing creative solutions. Together, the professionals leverage the collaborative process to work with you and to support your efforts of problem-solving.

Divorce can be messy, emotional, costly, complicated, confusing, & anxiety provoking, but the collaborative process provides steps through which this alternate approach can make divorce also hopeful, future focused, understandable, transitional, & supportive of your goals. Through the collaborative process, your team of professionals assists you throughout.

How you might ask?

The collaborative process of collaborative divorce provides a forum for open communication, planning, settling disputes through problem-solving, and working with a team to develop creative solutions.
The collaborative process of collaborative divorce enables participants to have control of decision-making within the divorce with the support of a professional team.

The hallmarks and principles of Collaboration provide a framework while the collaborative process provides an outline of steps.

It’s important to recognize, use of the collaborative process is not suitable for every divorce case. For more information about Collaborative Divorce and the Collaborative Process, contact one of our team members to learn if it's right for you and your family.