Hallmarks and Principles


Control: You and your spouse control the process & make final decisions.

Adversity: Both spouses contractually pledge mutual respect and openness.

Cost: Costs are manageable, usually less expensive than litigation; "team model" is financially efficient in use of experts.

Outside Experts: Jointly retained specialists provide information & guidance toward mutually beneficial solutions.

Privacy: The process, discussion, and negotiation details are kept private.

Communication: Both spouses communicate directly with the assistance from members of your team.


Core Principle #1

Your situation is resolved outside the court during and after the divorce

  • Work occurs as a team
  • Private
Core Principle #2

Everything is "on the table"

  • Full financial disclosure
  • Workplace/career impact
  • Family or child issues
  • Other issues the court may not consider
Core Principle #3

Your team cannot represent you if you abandon process and litigate

  • Your team is in place to support you through the collaborative process
  • If that process breaks down, the team is contractually obligated to step-away
Core Principle #4

Parties' needs are addressed within the "Safe Container"

  • Team effort is to develop options reflective of the family's goals and interests