Collaborative Divorce

In collaborative divorce, the traditional approach of bargaining from a specific position, backed by threats of litigation and court intervention, is replaced by an approach that settles cases respectfully, transparently and privately. The collaborative approach was designed to meet the personal needs and interests of both you and your spouse, and still involve legal counsel. In Collaborative Divorce and Collaborative Practice, the focus of the team working with you is on troubleshooting and problem solving. It was designed to eliminate the threat of or fear of court intervention at any stage and to allow you and your spouse to re-take control of your own future and that of your family.

  • The collaborative divorce dispute-resolution process is based on a pledge in which, you and your spouse, and your attorneys, contractually agree, the attorneys will not go to court. (except to finalize the divorce) You and your spouse are always directly involved in the process and retain control over your own outcome.
  • This process encourages creative problem solving, win-win negotiations, and resolutions that meet the needs of all members of your family.
  • Discovery and subpoenas are unnecessary. You and your spouse agree to provide transparently all information requested by the collaborative team.
  • The interdisciplinary collaborative divorce process involves a team approach and includes a neutral financial advisor and mental health professional as coach. The goal of the experts is to educate the parties and explore settlement options to meet the needs of you and your spouse and the child(ren).
  • The divorces that use the collaborative model frequently require less time, money and emotional currency to be spent before resolution is attained.
  • This process produces more satisfaction for divorcing couples and better results for children so you are less likely to go to court in the future.

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