Process Flow

The Collaborative approach to divorce is a multi-layered once, in which participants meet with the respective team members as described in the below flow chart.

Once the collaborative option is chosen, the full team gathers for a no-charge introduction. The professionals are so committed to the process and working with you, there is no fee.

At this meeting, the "collaborative path" is set by way of arranging a schedule of meetings for Clients and the team Professionals.

When work of the 3-way meetings is complete, the process moves on to the Six-Way meetings. These meetings, with the team, provide for thorough sharing of information, development of options, and collaborative teamwork to resolve marriage dissolution disputes respectfully, with their family goals in mind, and without going to court.

Below, is a high-level view of the phases of the process.

For more information about Collaborative Divorce, contact one of our team members to learn if it's right for you and your family.