Choose Collaborative Divorce When Your Marriage Ends – Top 7 Reasons

Choosing Collaborative Divorce when you marriage ends is a no-brainer for many people who use Collaborative Practice Kansas City.  You’ll see why  after reading our top 7 reasons to choose collaborative divorce!

Collaborative divorce and the Collaborative Process is a different approach to divorce that focuses on troubleshooting and solving problems. It is ideal for couples looking to end their marriage by negotiating a mutually acceptable agreement without having courts decide the outcome. Collaborative Practice professionals, serving the Kansas City area, are specially trained to work with you through the collaborative process.  

1. Takes Less Time Than Traditional Divorce – The divorces that use the collaborative model frequently require less time because you are not at the mercy of the court system’s schedules.

2. Costs Less Money Than Traditional Divorce – It also is typically significantly cheaper than going to court. While individual cases may vary, cites that, “ the fees for a litigated divorce are typically around 33% higher than those for a collaborative divorce with similar issues.” 

3. Solves Problems – The collaborative model process encourages creative problem solving, win-win negotiations, and resolutions that meet the needs of all members of your family.

4. Reduces Stress – Discovery and subpoenas are unnecessary. Collaboration is a transparent process. You and your spouse agree to provide all information requested by the collaborative team. The interdisciplinary collaborative divorce process involves a team approach and includes a neutral financial advisor and mental health professional as coach. The goal of the experts is to educate the parties and explore options to meet the needs of you and your spouse and the child(ren).

5. Better Results for Children – The collaborative model gives parents the opportunity to divorce in a way that will preserve that important part of their relationship that involves raising children. This process brings a team of professionals together including a divorce coach/child specialist to help parents restructure their relationship in an environment that does not pit them against each other, but can instead help them create new, more effective ways to communicate and work together for the benefit of all concerned.

6. Higher Satisfaction for Couples – This process can produce more satisfaction for divorcing couples because they have spent less money, time and emotional strain than expected.

7. Less Likely to Return to Court in the Future – One of the core principles of the collaborative model is that you and your partner will work together to resolve any problems outside of court broth during and after your divorce. Because you have already seen how this will work during the divorce process, you will be better equipped to either do so yourselves or reach out for help again in the future. 

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