Collaborative Divorce Is An Alternative To An Adversarial Divorce Process

Collaborative divorce is a unique alternative to the traditional adversarial divorce process. It is designed to provide maximum support and resources for you and your spouse in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of all the issues associated with a divorce and the changes in your life as a result. Collaborative divorce is designed to make sure that the needs of both spouses and your minor children are heard, understood, and considered with respect. 
The Collaborative Practice Kansas City approach helps you move beyond reactive based positions toward interest-based agreements that work for both spouses which focus on your values and your needs and not on a win-lose mentality. In the collaborative process, a team of professionals addresses the legal, financial and emotional needs of each spouse. 
Using professionals who have specific expertise provides an efficient, effective, and generally more affordable divorce process. You and your spouse each retain your own family law attorney trained in the collaborative process to provide counsel, legal advice, assistance in reaching an agreement and to draft the necessary documents to reflect your agreements and initiate and conclude the legal divorce.
You and your spouse will also jointly retain two neutral licensed professionals who will work with you to gather the information needed to reach a mutually acceptable divorce agreement as effectively, efficiently and affordably as possible, a collaborative neutral financial specialist and a collaborative neutral coach.
A distinguishing requirement of the collaborative process is that both spouses and the attorney of each spouse agree in a written Participation Agreement that they will not file any action in court during the time the spouses are working toward settlement. Should you and your spouse be unable to reach a final agreement on all issues, the Participation Agreement also provides that the collaborative attorneys and the other team professionals will withdraw from their representation and you and your spouse will each have to retain different attorneys to litigate your divorce in court.
Research shows that one of the best predictors of a positive collaborative divorce process and outcome is the selection by divorcing spouses of Collaborative Professionals who respect each other and who have successful track records of settling cases together, working together effectively and efficiently to help you reach creative, respectful and thoughtful solutions. Members of the Collaborative Practice Kansas City meet International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) standards for practice excellence.
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Collaborative divorces provides resources for spouses.