Collaborative Divorce and Mediation, What’s the difference?

Are you stuck choosing between collaborative divorce or mediation as you begin to navigate through the divorce process? If so, allow us to give you some insight into the difference between collaborative divorce and mediation and their benefits.

Divorce is hard. You imagined a life of happily ever after with your spouse, and when you come to realize that your fairytale may not end the way you planned, the how, when, where and why, does not soften the blow. However, the process you choose can soften the financial and emotional costs associated with divorce. By choosing to proceed with collaborative divorce or mediation, you will have chosen a divorce process that may be one of the less stressful, less costly, and more amicable divorce options out there. Let’s talk about the difference between the two.

Collaborative Divorce 
was designed to meet the personal needs of you and your spouse in a manner that is done privately, with transparency, and without the court making decisions about your future. Both parties contractually agree that they will handle the divorce proceedings with the assistance of legal counsel and professional neutrals, and will only go to court to finalize the divorce, if the court requires an appearance. This divorce method was designed to eliminate the threats and fears of the unknown, and to allow you to re-gain control of your own future and the future of those that matter most to you, your family.

Divorce Mediation
 is the process of you and your spouse involving a neutral third party to assist you in making decisions and coming to agreements regarding your divorce. The mediator does not need to be a lawyer and does not represent either of you. If your mediator is indeed an attorney, then they are not allowed to offer any type of legal advice to you or your spouse. The biggest goal for mediation is to help you and your spouse reach agreements in your divorce that meet your respective interests and the needs of your children, with less financial and emotional cost of a court battle. 

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