How the Collaborative Process is Changing Divorce for the Better

Collaborative Process or collaborative divorce is changing divorce for the better in Kansas City. Collaborative Practice of Kansas City is a network of divorce attorneys, financial analysts and mental health professionals committed to changing divorce for the better through the Collaborative Process. Once you have decided to divorce, how you will divorce is the single most important decision

We understand how emotional and frightening the prospect of divorce can be regardless of your circumstances. The collaborative model allows us to help you craft a solution that will work best for your family. We can utilize creative problem solving solutions, facilitate discussions (not court mandates), allow participants to be in control (not a judge) and provide our clients with privacy throughout the collaborative process.

The members of our collaborative practice network have significant experience working with families utilizing the collaborative divorce model. We know that contested divorce is not your only option, and for many couples and families, a collaborative divorce produces higher satisfaction and better outcomes that traditional divorce, especially when children are involved. 

Changing Divorce for the Better

We want to help divorce in the greater Kansas City area evolve from that old-fashioned process that is so frequently destructive into a creative process. We do this by showing clients how to get a divorce using the collaborative process.

The collaborative process gives parents the opportunity to divorce in a way that will preserve that important part of their relationship that involves raising children. This process brings a team of professionals together including a divorce coach/child specialist to help parents restructure their relationship in an environment that does not pit them against each other, but can instead help them create new, more effective ways to communicate and work together for the benefit of all concerned.

Collaborative Practice Kansas City

Members of the Collaborative Practice Kansas City group meet the standards for practice excellence as set by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) and meet regularly to assure continued commitment to and practice of these standards.

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