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Surprisingly, many attorneys who practice family law also practice in other areas and handle family law matters to fill in the gaps. Nathalie, on the other hand, is a full-time, 100-percent family law attorney, dedicated to the subject and to her clients.

There’s one more thing you should know about Nathalie. She’s one of the most knowledgeable family law attorneys around. Rather than focusing on a small geographic section of the city as many family law attorneys do, Nathalie has tried cases in eight counties throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. That means she gathers theories, insight and ideas from many judges and other lawyers, and uses that knowledge to advance her clients’ cases.

Being a savvy attorney is only part of Nathalie’s job, though. She’s also part educator, part mediator and part advocate. Client service and satisfaction is Nathalie’s focus. Clients appreciate her strong advocacy and commitment to their cases.

“Often my clients’ family law matters are their first experiences with an attorney. It can seem very overwhelming. Even the terminology is unfamiliar to them,” she said. “I work hard to reduce their anxieties by teaching them about the process and what to expect.” As a mother, Nathalie is very sensitive to the effect of a divorce on a client’s children and is a resource to clients concerning how to positively impact their children’s experience with the changes in their family.

On some occasions, Nathalie also serves as a mediator, or neutral party, helping two individuals reach an agreement without having to go to court. Other times, she is called to give a voice to those who might not otherwise have one: children who have been victims of abuse or neglect.

Many cases Nathalie handles involve complex financial issues. Her background in business, banking and commercial litigation has been invaluable in addressing the financial issues faced by clients.

Nathalie is also very committed to her Collaborative Divorce practice for clients who wish to resolve their family law matters outside of litigation. She is one of a small number of attorneys in the Kansas City area who regularly practice Collaborative Divorce, often utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach, by including mental health professionals and certified financial planners in the process.

Ever mindful of the weighty issues clients entrust to her, Nathalie regards her practice as one that handles issues of supreme importance in peoples’ lives. Every family is different and Nathalie has the knowledge and flexibility to develop creative ideas that work for her clients. Her background in Finance and Business gives her an edge as she assists clients with the investigation of assets and determination of income.

“My job is to help persuade a court of what is a fair division of assets and liabilities, or what’s in a child’s best interest,” she said. “There’s a short period of time to paint the picture of the client’s life in the courtroom, and it’s my job to paint the most vivid, credible picture possible.”


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