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Nathalie Elliott has been helping families with family law issues for more than 30 years. Although she has litigated hundreds of cases, she also assists families in collaborative divorce cases and serves as a mediator very frequently.

With her financial training and background, she is able to assist clients in exploring the available options to resolve issues and determine which option is best for the client. Nathalie understands that a divorce is often the first time a client has had to hire an attorney and experience the court system. As a result, she views her role as a combination of advocate, educator and legal counselor.

As a mediator, Nathalie serves as a neutral who assists the parties in exploring options to resolve all issues. She understands that for most families, a mutually agreeable settlement will be better for their family than a decision made by a judge, whose knowledge of their family is limited to what can be presented in court in the time allowed.

As a collaborative attorney, Nathalie works with a collaborative team that includes a financial neutral, a neutral mental health coach/child specialist and another collaborative divorce attorney representing the opposing party. The collective years of experience and broad scope of training and professional experience affords the family the best possible option for a thoughtful, creative solution focused on the needs of the family.

Nathalie has been helping parties with family law issues in Missouri and Kansas since the 1990s and serving as a mediator and collaborative attorney for approximately 20 years. She is often hired to assist in cases where there are complex assets and business interests. Her financial background is invaluable in cases such as these.

Committed to practicing exclusively in the area of family law, Nathalie is mindful that her area of practice is of supreme importance in the lives and future of her clients and their children. She offers prompt, responsive advice to her clients.

In addition to meeting clients through Zoom, her firm has offices located on the Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri, north of the river in the Briarcliff Village and in Overland Park, Kansas. To schedule an appointment with Nathalie, please call 816.454.7474 or email her at