Understanding Collaborative Divorce

Understanding Collaborative Divorce

“What does collaborative divorce mean and what makes it different from your typical divorce” has been asked repeatedly by many people, time and time again. In thinking of an answer, I thought it might be best to just give a full breakdown of what collaborative divorce truly is.

Collaborative Divorce replaced the traditional approach of negotiating from a specific standpoint supported by threats of litigation and court intervention and replaced it with an approach that settles divorce cases respectfully and transparently. This unique process was established to meet the needs and personal interests of both spouses involved, yet still includes legal counsel without the stuffiness and intimidation of a courtroom. In fact, the only time you even have to go to court is on the day to finalize the divorce. All other matters are handled privately and with your legal team.

Collaborative Practice Kansas City specializes in collaborative divorce for residents residing in the greater Kansas City area. They have a large network of professionals dedicated to ensuring that you have the best possible outcome with less stress, that benefits both parties. You will meet with financial analysts that will assist in the negotiation of assets, liabilities and budget data and have the support of mental health coaches put in place to help focus on communication and problem solving.

By deciding to have a collaborative divorce, this means that:

  • You will handle your divorce quietly and privately in a comfortable setting and not inside a courtroom.


  • You will be encouraged to use creative brainstorming skills that will result in positive win-win outcomes for all members of your family.


  • You will be connected with divorce attorneys, financial counselors and mental health professionals to help guide and assist you and your family through your transition.

If collaborative divorce seems like the better option for you and your family or if you have further questions, please contact Collaborative Practice Kansas City at 913-380-2560.



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