What is the Role of a Financial Neutral in a Collaborative Divorce?

Are you curious to know what the role of a Financial Neutral is in a Collaborative Divorce case and the benefits of having one? If your answer is yes, then you have come to the right place. However, before we explain the role and benefits of a financial neutral, you must first understand the term collaborative divorce.

Collaborative Divorce is a divorce option in which both parties involved have made the conscious decision that they want to pursue their divorce with respect, transparency and privacy. The collaborative process was designed to meet the demands and personal needs of all of those affected by the separation while still involving legal counsel. You and your spouse enter into an agreement that explains the collaborative divorce process, and that neither you nor your attorneys will attend court until it’s time to finalize the divorce, if an appearance in court is necessary to finalize the divorce. Both spouses are directly involved throughout the entire process and retain control over their lives, which equals a success story for everyone.

While going through the process of collaborative divorce, you need someone who can help mediate your finances and assets in the same quiet and respectful manor. This is where a financial neutral comes in.

A financial neutral also known as a financial professional, works with clients directly to gather financial data pertaining to liabilities, assets, and budget information (income & expense details). By receiving assistance from a financial neutral, you will be provided the financial understanding and financial awareness to make educated and clear-cut decisions throughout this entire divorce process.  A financial neutral will help you sort out all the fine details, including things like who gets the house and the boat or how much money both parties will receive after the sale of either.  Together you will discuss retirement plans, spousal maintenance, the division of property and all other things financial.

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