Understanding Collaborative Divorce

collaborative divorce collaborative practice kc understanding collaborative divorce

Understanding Collaborative Divorce “What does collaborative divorce mean and what makes it different from your typical divorce” has been asked repeatedly by many people, time and time again. In thinking of an answer, I thought it might be best to just give a full breakdown of what collaborative divorce truly is. Collaborative Divorce replaced the…

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What Is a Collaborative Divorce?

What is a Collaborative Divorce Collaborative Practice KC

Many ask, “What is a collaborative divorce”? Most have not heard the term because divorce is traditionally thought of as messy – a situation where people are angry, hurtful and even spiteful towards one another. We think of court rooms, judges and lawyers. We envision opposing spouses, each with their own agenda and ultimately the…

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Collaborative Divorce – How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?


Collaborative Divorce is an alternative to traditional contested or adversarial divorce that settles cases respectfully, transparently and privately. Many couples still have questions about how the collaborative divorce process works, and divorce attorneys from Collaborative Practice Kansas City are here to help explain collaborative divorce.  Collaborative Practice Kansas City, LLC is a greater Kansas City…

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Divorce Process Options – How To Choose the Right One


When considering your divorce process options, it can feel overwhelming or confusing. Collaborative Practice Kansas City explains your divorce process options and how to choose the right one for your family.  By understanding the choice you have in deciding your divorce process options, you’ll be more informed to make decisions to achieve the outcome you’re looking for…

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Collaborative Divorce – How it Will Save You Money

Collaborative Divorce is an alternative to traditional divorce in the Greater Metropolitan Kansas City Area that can save you money and emotional stress when compared to traditional litigation. The collaborative process is based on a pledge in which you, your spouse, and your attorneys contractually agree that you and your attorneys will not go to court, except…

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How the Collaborative Process is Changing Divorce for the Better


Collaborative Process or collaborative divorce is changing divorce for the better in Kansas City. Collaborative Practice of Kansas City is a network of divorce attorneys, financial analysts and mental health professionals committed to changing divorce for the better through the Collaborative Process. Once you have decided to divorce, how you will divorce is the single most…

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Choose Collaborative Divorce When Your Marriage Ends – Top 7 Reasons

Choosing Collaborative Divorce when you marriage ends is a no-brainer for many people who use Collaborative Practice Kansas City.  You’ll see why  after reading our top 7 reasons to choose collaborative divorce!   Collaborative divorce and the Collaborative Process is a different approach to divorce that focuses on troubleshooting and solving problems. It is ideal for couples looking…

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How To Get a Divorce: Collaborative Divorce is a Trending Option


“How to get a divorce?” you may ask. Collaborative Practice Kansas City is here to answer those questions and more.  We believe that a contested divorce through litigation is not your only option. For most of our families, collaborative divorce has become a trending option.  Collaborative divorce enables the couple, while being supported by  professionals,…

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What To Know About Collaborative Divorce in 2022


Before we dive into what you need to know about collaborative divorce in 2022, we thought it would be fun to take a look at the year in review. Between Top Gun Maverick topping the box office, cruise lines lifting their covid restrictions, and the KC Chiefs almost making it to the Super Bowl, it’s been an exciting year. Our practice…

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A Contested Divorce Is Not Your Only Option – Consider Collaborative Divorce


Contested Divorce used to be the standard practice for dissolution of marriage. Not anymore! With collaborative divorce, we can take an interest-based approach and develop creative, thoughtful and enduring solutions to the needs of your specific divorce. A contested divorce through litigation is the traditional divorce process most people are familiar with. It involves bargaining…

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