Collaborative Divorce – How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

Collaborative Divorce is an alternative to traditional contested or adversarial divorce that settles cases respectfully, transparently and privately. Many couples still have questions about how the collaborative divorce process works, and divorce attorneys from Collaborative Practice Kansas City are here to help explain collaborative divorce. 

Collaborative Practice Kansas City, LLC is a greater Kansas City community of independent legal, mental health, and financial professionals working in concert to create client-centered processes for resolving divorce conflict. We trust and value these professions equally and respect the skills they each bring to the needs of the parties involved.

Our mission is to benefit the general public of Kansas City by providing information and education about the different divorce options and by fostering professional excellence in conflict resolution through interdisciplinary collaborative divorce.  Our vision is to transform the way divorce is resolved in the greater Kansas City area so that the usually difficult process is less stressful, less drawn-out, less expensive, more respectful, more transparent and more engaging.

What the Process Involves

Once the collaborative option is chosen by the family, the full professional team gathers for an initial no-charge introduction and scheduling conference with the parties – you and your spouse. At this time, the “collaborative path” is set by way of arranging a schedule of meetings for the parties and the team Professionals.

Collaborative Divorce is conducted in six-way meetings between each spouse and their separate attorneys, a financial neutral and divorce coach or mental health professional. These meetings with the entire team provide for thorough sharing of information, development of options, and collaborative teamwork to arrive at mutually acceptable decisions and to resolve marriage dissolution disputes respectfully, with their family goals in mind, and without going to court.

Once a mutual resolution is reached, your attorneys will file the necessary and required paperwork to finalize the divorce. 

Why Choose Collaborative Divorce

While litigation is necessary in certain cases, our attorneys recognize that many cases are better served with a more cooperative and collaborative approach. Having a non-adversarial, private, and cost-effective option for parents and spouses to resolve their cases is very valuable.

Collaborative Practice Kansas City attorneys believe their role is more complex than simply providing legal advice. They serve to help you navigate through an immensely difficult life change. They are dedicated to the collaborative process because it empowers people to decide how their family will move forward, rather than leaving it up to a judge to decide.

For more information about the Collaborative Process and to learn if it’s right for you and your family, contact a Collaborative Practice Kansas City team member at 913-380-2560 or click here.