How To Get a Divorce: Collaborative Divorce is a Trending Option

“How to get a divorce?” you may ask. Collaborative Practice Kansas City is here to answer those questions and more.  We believe that a contested divorce through litigation is not your only option. For most of our families, collaborative divorce has become a trending option. 

Collaborative divorce enables the couple, while being supported by  professionals, to design a divorce solution that will meet theirs and their children’s needs.

How to get a divorce involves some paperwork, party negotiation and then a finalized judgement by the court system. A traditional divorce takes on average 12 months to complete. We’ll discuss the parts of how to get a divorce before introducing you to the more timely aspects of collaborative divorce. 

In the Kansas City Metro area, we have to consider the residency of both spouses, either Kansas or Missouri. 

·      In order to file in Missouri, you must have been a resident for 90 days and you must file in the county in which you or your spouse lives. If you need help locating one, this easy tool is available online. 

·      In order to file in Kansas, you must have been a resident for 60 days. The Kansas Judicial Council offers additional details here

Then you will need to determine if you would like to file for divorce yourself or hire a divorce lawyer. You will then work through, either by yourself or with a lawyer, the needed documentation required to submit with your request. Once the decisions have been made and paperwork completed, the court will review everything and determine if a Decree of Divorce is to be entered. This Decree will finalize your divorce. 

Divorce can be one of the most overwhelming experiences in your life, but knowing your “how to get a divorce” options can help prepare you for the steps you’ll take and decisions you’ll make. Collaborative Divorce has become a popular option for our clients during the past few years because it puts them back in the driver’s seat. They are not handing their circumstances over to the courts to decide, but working together amicably to peacefully dissolve the marriage.

To learn more about Collaborative Divorce, or any of the divorce options, contact our team for more information. 

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